DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definitions now on NuGet

I recently started playing with TypeScript on an MVC web application. We’re leveraging some third party js libraries and found the type definition files over at DefinitelyTyped a huge help when dealing with libraries not originally written in TypeScript. The first thing I tried to do was add them via NuGet and when I […]

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It’s Markdown, no, PowerShell. Wait its Markdown formatted PowerShell.

I created an introductory presentation on PowerShell a while back and posted it on my GitHub. I first gave the presentation at the NNSDG and decided to also submit it as a talk to the Boise Code Camp this year. (Looks like I’ll be going ? track me down @staxmanade if you?d like to say […]

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Agile for Families in the WSJ

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Elegant Code readers know I have used agile practices with my kids and family for years now. I even write and speak about it occasionally. Here are some past articles on the subject, and one podcast. Fast forward to yesterday?s article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, ?Run Your Family Like a Business? by Bruce […]

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Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript

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Earlier this week, I read this great article titled ?Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript? by Addy Osmani. This is a highly recommended read for anyone involved in writing JavaScript code. The topics that I found to be particularly interesting were the apparent fact that it?s better to avoid the delete keyword and cached functions in the […]

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