5 Jun

Using F# in Sublime Text on Linux Mint

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I?ve been learning about functional programming for quite some time now, trying to wrap my head around the various concepts that this paradigm has to offer. One of the languages that spiked my interest besides Clojure is F#. The reason for this is quite obvious. As a software developer who uses the .NET framework on […]

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22 Feb

Confessions of a Sublime Text-aholic

It’s true. I’m a Sublime Text addict. It’s by far my favorite development tool. End of story! Just to illustrate, earlier this week, a member of our development team asked how to quickly remove all empty lines from a very large text file. I quickly came up with the following: Press CTRL-F. Enable regular expressions […]

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30 Nov

Visual Studio Light Edition

I noticed this blog post from Scott Hanselman the other day about Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. This post included a screenshot from the installation program. Something that really took me by the throat is this: Notice that the Express edition of Visual Studio seems to require no less than 4.15 GB of […]

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24 Jul


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The last couple of weeks I?ve been playing with a load testing tool called Blitz. You can create a free account which provides you the ability to ?rush? your web application with 250 concurrent users (or less) for 1 minute. And of course, you can increase both the number of concurrent users as well as […]

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5 Aug

Moving from E-TextEditor to Sublime Text 2

I?ve been using E-TextEditor for more than a year now for doing all my JavaScript, Node.js and CoffeeScript development. You can think of E-TextEditor as TextMate for the Windows platform. I?ve been pretty happy with it throughout this period as it can be extended pretty easily with a whole slew of bundles that are already […]

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3 Jan

Unity/Moq – AutoMocker or AutoMockingContainer

What is an Auto Mocking Container? This post started to get a little long, so I won?t re-explain the concept. Joshua Flanagan wrote a nice overview at his Los Techies blog: Auto mocking Explained. My post is mainly here to describe the Unity version of an automocking container I threw together. In Jan 2009 I […]

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10 Dec

StatLight – Goes Open Source

Although I made a very minor attempt at making StatLight a “for-sale” product, I knew when I started that open-source was most likely going to be my long term path for StatLight. What is it? (Silverlight Testing Automation Tool) StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, running, and gathering results of Silverlight unit […]

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