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5 Jun

Using F# in Sublime Text on Linux Mint

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I’ve been learning about functional programming for quite some time now, trying to wrap my head around the various concepts that this paradigm has to offer. One of the languages that spiked my interest besides Clojure is F#. The reason for this is quite obvious. As a software developer who uses the .NET framework on […]

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5 Feb

A Quick Agile Family Update

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If you read French (or can wade through Google Translator’s version of English) then you may read an interview I did recently with the folks over at Elapse Technologies, a Quebec-based agility training and coaching organization. Here is a link to the interview. It’s Not About Chores For some time I have been meaning to […]

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29 Jan

Hacking Endeavours – A Tale About Having Fun

Some time ago, I was talking to a colleague of mine at a company event. While we were there talking, one of us popped the following question: What’s the latest totally crazy thing that you hacked together in your spare time, which was a totally whacked thing to do as a professional developer, where normally […]

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26 Jan

Introducing Elegant Code Solutions

I am announcing the launch of Elegant Code Solutions, LLC. This marks my decision to join the community as an independent trainer, developer, coach, and consultant. For the last four years I have worked for Scrum.org and Microsoft, and I am coming back to my happiest professional roots: Helping teams improve their agility with professionalism […]

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