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1 Oct

Traditional Agile is now missing the point

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development is pretty long in the tooth. That transformative document was created in 2001, 18 years old at the time of this writing. The resulting humble web page ignited a conversation which ultimately changed the way software is written and delivered. Agile techniques have leaked successfully into other types of […]

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12 Oct

Agile in non-software development teams

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I’ve had some great opportunities working with teams applying lean and agile techniques to domains beyond software development. Along with other areas, I’m having lots of conversations around applying Scrum in HR teams. This is fairly unique because the core usage model for Scrum is to apply it when the work is fairly unknown and […]

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13 Sep

How Key Vault is used to secure the Healthcare AI Blueprint

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System security is a top priority for any healthcare organization. There are many types of security including physical, network, application, email and so on. This article covers the system security provided by Azure Key Vault. Specifically, we examine the Key Vault implementation used in the Azure Healthcare blueprint. The intent is to demonstrate how a Key Vault […]

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