17 Oct

Premature Abstraction

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The first time I read the GoF book, I didn’t understand it. This was because I didn’t had a decent understanding of the principles of object-oriented programming at the time. A while after, I read the book Design Patterns Explained. In this excellent book the author formulated the core thought behind the design patterns in […]

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1 Mar

Boise Code Camp 2011–WPF for Dummies and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Explained

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Wow…  Boise Code Camp rocked this year.  There were great presentations, great people, and great conversations.  You even had an occasional code pairing.  Not to mention the two XBOX Kinects to help fill in the time between sessions.  This year I only gave two presentations; WPF for Dummies and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Explained.  If you are […]

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13 Nov

Could sealing a class be a sign of a good design

I recently attended this years Øredev conference and one of the things I had the good fortune of doing was to meet-up with a long time twitter friend, Philip Laureano. One of the days me and Philip started talking about a previous discussion he had with another attendee (whom shall remain nameless since I do […]

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25 Oct

Now a Technical Contributor for PluralSight

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I have been somewhat quiet in the community lately, but there are a few good reasons for that.  The first reason is that I have been working on my Extended WPF Toolkit project on CodePlex.  I also recently had a new baby girl, born just 4 months ago and […]

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26 Mar

Don’t Give Up on the State Pattern Just Yet – Revisited

In my previous post on the subject, I showed how you can remove some of the friction caused by applying the State pattern. In fact, as some of you rightfully pointed out, this friction isn’t caused by the State pattern itself but by a violation of the Interface Segregation Principle.   The use of role interfaces […]

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8 Jun

Where to start a new program

Here as an interesting question that popped up at my user group meeting last night, when you are starting a new program (green field development), where do you get started?  I find these questions interesting because there really is no correct answer, but a persons answer will tell you something about how they problem solve. […]

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