Silverlight Profiling PowerShell helper.

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I was playing around with some Silverlight profiling the other night to see if I could find any obvious issues with my open source project StatLight and wound up writing a little script in PowerShell I hoped someone might find helpful. But I didn’t know you could profile a Silverlight app. I didn’t until I […]

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Powershell: Load assembly without locking file.

I have a set of PowerShell build scripts and ran into a case where I needed to load an assembly (to get the assembly?s version) and still (at a later time) work with the assembly file on disk. A typical way to load an assembly within PowerShell is to use the Assembly.LoadFrom(filePath) # Powershell [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom($assemblyPath) […]

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Integration Test Brought to you by Powershell & NUnit – with a Little Specification Syntax for Flavoring

One of the tools I?ve used the last half of a year and really enjoyed is the C# specification extension methods when writing unit test assertions. If you?re looking for a little more background on the topic, I wrote about Fluent Specification Extensions in a past blog. Recently I wanted to execute a PowerShell script […]

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