9 Jul

ReSharper Unit Testing

Although there are attempts to make it work, ReSharper does not support using MSUnit as the unit testing framework within its unit testing support.  Although I appreciate NUnit and the functionality advantages it has over MSUnit, it does seem an oversight to not support it in a product that is meant to ease the lives of the Visual Studio user.

Is this Open Source snobbery?  Is it scheduled for the next version? What’s the deal?

Hands down, the user experience of NUnit+ReSharper beats MSUnit (MSTest) + Visual Studio Test Runner.  The one thing that I love being able to do with MSTest is not present in ReSharper (at least I haven’t found it); The ability to generate a test fixture class based on an a pre-existing class file.  This is such a time saver and while not strictly TDD conformant it is very useful functionality.  Let’s see some of that baked in for NUnit support.

2 thoughts on “ReSharper Unit Testing

  1. Although not supported natively by ReSharper, this is available as a plugin from James Kovacs (www.jameskovacs.com). I know it works with ReSharper v2.5, but I haven’t tested to see if there is support for v3.0.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “open source snobbery”. Resharper is not open source. I think what has happened is that the JetBrains group took the defacto standard in unit testing and baked in support for that framework.

    Let’s face it… Not many people are using MsUnit. Why add support for something that 95% of the market wont use?

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