23 Jun

Sprint Review. Cheater, cheater, cheater!

I have just been accused of cheating at last week’s sprint review. Let’s see what you think.

The way our sprint reviews work, everyone in the company gets to rotate between teams who show their work in 15 minute segments. Picture a science fair with parents moving between booths and spending 15 minutes at each one. This has been a hugely successful format because teams get to have more intimate conversations with people seeing their work. Discussions are more interactive because there is a smaller group watching the demo and folks are more likely to speak up.

From the presenter’s point of view, this is showing the same thing 4 times in a row. This is okay, but gets a bit tedious. Worse, because each group brings up individual issues there may be things about the feature that get skipped in a given 15 minute segment.

What I Did

I recorded a feature walk through on Camtasia and played it during sprint review. Four times. This left 3 minutes for discussion, but with the transition times, it pretty much took up the entire 15 minutes.

The most common feedback was, “Cool idea. It was too long.”

Noted. And, I think the idea of doing a complete walk through as a recording has merit because it sort of forces that all areas I want to show will get shown.

It is important to realize that I made the recording a mere hour before Sprint Review. Thus, the software was real and did do what I showed.

What I Will Do Next Time

  • Limit the Camtasia video to 5 minutes and leave plenty of time for discussion.
  • Be more animated. No monotone voice.

Your Thoughts? Am I a big, fat cheater?

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