29 Jul

Code Cast 10 – Richard Hundhausen on VSTS

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Richard Hundhausen is President of Accentient, a training and consulting company specializing in MS Team System. Additionally, Rich is a published author, a MS MVP in Team System, and a Microsoft Regional Director. In other words, wow. This guy knows Team System and the industry.

Richard has a very popular talk that he has done at several conferences entitled, Team System Worst Practices. This year at Tech Ed Developer, Rich was good enough to let me plug my recorder right into his sound board while giving this talk, and that is the majority of this cast.

Additionally, Rich sat down with me to talk a bit about Team System and the landscape in front of us with project Rosario, the next version of Team System.

This combines to make the longest Elegant Code Cast we have ever produced at 1 hour, 25 minutes. It is not my goal to regularly produce shows this long, but this was a great opportunity to learn a lot from a very knowledgeable guy.

Enjoy this over the course of 3 runs, or 2 commutes :).

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2 thoughts on “Code Cast 10 – Richard Hundhausen on VSTS

  1. I will never attempt to install tfs or even use it.

    The cast has confirmed my fears.

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