NHibernate 2.0 went gold!

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Yesterday I got back from a refreshing holiday in Italy. First thing I noticed after opening my RSS reader was that NHibernate 2.0 got released. Aah, life couldn’t get any better. Kudos to Fabio Maulo and the gang for all the hard work.

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ORM Value Reason #3982

OK, I should be using an ORM, I know.  So I’m using the opportunity to illustrate problems you WILL encounter when hand writing SQL. Spot the error here: 1: INSERT INTO ValueReading 2: IndexName, SketchId, Value, Color, MeterId, ModeId, MaterialId) 3: VALUES (@id,@index,@sketch,@color,@value,@meterId,@modeId,@materialId) Hint: look at the Value and Color columns.  And note: Color is […]

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