18 Jun

Nancy on Hanselminutes and the awesome community behind it

A week ago I was invited to participate in he Hanselminutes postcast by Scott Hanselman to talk about Nancy and Micro Web Framework. The recording for episode #270 can be found at Nancy, Sinatra and the Explosion of .NET Micro Web Frameworks with Andreas Håkansson

I had a great time talking to Scott, who is an excellent host, but one thing I did not get an opportunity to do was to extend my gratitude to the awesome people that are forming up a community around the project, everybody from the people that blog, tweet, screencast or in some other way help Nancy grow into an awesome framework – so thank you to all of you!

The following people have all contributed to the Nancy repository and have helped us get many of the awesome features and bug fixes (if your name should be on this list, but it not, please drop me a line and I will get sorted out!)

Andy Pike, Bjarte Djuvik Næss, Chris Nicola, David Hong, Graeme Foster, Guido Tapia, Hernan Garcia, Ian Davis, Jonas Cannehag, José F. Romaniello, Karl Seguin, Luke Smith, James Eggers, Jason Mead, Jeremy Skinner, João Bragança, Johan Danforth, John Downey, Maciej Kowalewski, Martijn Laarman, Mindaugas Mozûras, Patrik Hägne, Pedro Felix, Piotr Wlodek, Phil Haack, Robert Greyling, Simon Skov Boisen, Steven Robbins, Thomas Pedersen, Troels Thomsen, Vidar L. Sømme

I would like to extend a special thank you and shout out to my friend and co-conspirator Steven Robbins a.k.a @GrumpyDev on Twitter. He is a continuous source of awesome for Nancy and the project is better for having him onboard, that is one thing I am certain on. Thank you buddy!

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  1. Just listened to the podcast!  Awesome and congratulations!  Pretty cool to be on Hanselminutes!  Hope I can do that some day.

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