3 May

Server WebSocket Clients, with Jetty

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Previously I discussed how to write a Server which uses a persistent WebSocket Client, using the Netty framework to make things go.  Netty is configured through establishing a Channel Pipeline, which is great if you need a very flexible system for handling network input and output.  For most projects however, this sort of power can be overkill.


Jetty, among other great things, contains a WebSocketClient implementation.  Getting this up and running is very simple: you?ll need a WebSocketClientFactory, where you can configure various settings, and a WebSocketClient which also has a bunch of settings to flip around to meet your needs.  Once you have those, you?ll need a class that implements WebSocket.OnTextMessage ?and you?re pretty much done at this point. 

The code for sending and receiving messages becomes equally simple:


public void send(Message message) {

    // a message is going out!

    String data = null;

    try {

        data = messageToString(message);


    } catch (Exception e) {

        logger.error("Failed to send message! " + data, e);





public void onMessage(String data) {

    // a message is coming in!

    logger.debug("message received: {}", data);

    try {

        Message message = stringToMessage(data);


    } catch (IOException e) {

        logger.error("Failed to parse incoming message! " + data, e);




The complete code for this example can be found at