4 Jan

Nancy running on Heroku

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Last night Ben Hall blogged about how he managed to get Nancy running on Heroku. It’s still an early experiment, and totally unsupported by Heroku itself, but it is very interesting to say the least. In essence this means that it might be possible to run any Mono compliant (really guys, you need to pay […]

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4 Oct

Nancy takes another step forward

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The say time flies when you are having fun and nothing could be more true when working on Nancy. Two months have already passed since we started work on 0.8.0, a release that was suppose to roughly take around 4-5 weeks to complete and consist mostly of diagnostics related changes. Boy were we wrong. A […]

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26 Jun

Nancy view cache, now disabled in debug-mode

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A quick heads up. In Nancy 0.6.0 we introduced a change that made the application scan, for all available views, and cache them upfront. While this is good for performance, because it reduces view loading time and limits I/O operations, it does pose a slight nuance then you are creating you view. Because of the […]

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