Introducing Microsoft Camano

Microsoft s working on a new test tool. This one if for the people who you think of as testers, not the people MS calls “Software Engineers in Test.” The plain fact is that most testers I have known are technical power users with a nose for technology, but little in the way of programming […]

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4 Maddening Overloaded Technology Terms

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For at least a day I completely failed to communicate with my office mate because we couldn’t get past some stupid vocabulary words. The battle of who owns the naming conventions on a technology can be very irritating. Just look at Inversion of Control vs. Dependency Injection for an example. Here’s what I got hung […]

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Backlog Mismanagement Destroys Team: Film at 11

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Poor backlog management can make a high performing, collocated team degenerate into a room of individuals who are just bugging each other. When a team is collocated in what is meant to be a collaborative workspace, any benefit that may be realized is completely negated if the team is not working on the same project. […]

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