30 Apr

My VSTO Presentation

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On Monday I was privileged to participate in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 product launch by presenting a session on VSTO with Microsoft Architect Evangelist, Bruce Kyle.

This is a fairly light presentation intended to introduce some new C# language features, VSTO integration features, SharePoint 2007 work flows, Office extension projects for Visual Studio, and generally using MS Office System as a development platform.

Thanks to Chris for recording and putting this out for me. I am hosting the video on MSN’s SoapBox.

I have to admit that there is a high degree of clipping and the video quality is poor overall. That said, the audio is just fine and much of the presentation is slides or Visual Studio which isn’t too bad considering. You can tell what we are making when you watch the video in full screen.


VSTO in Visual Studio 2008
VSTO in Visual Studio 2008

2 thoughts on “My VSTO Presentation

  1. David, I have to say going to the launch I wasnt too excited about this session, but after watching what you can do with VSTO I was impressed… In fact if I had a bunch of VC I would prob do a vertical solution with Outlook/Office. Good stuff.

  2. Quick note about a few things that were eluded too, but not mentioned.

    I’m going to try to get a better version on the video out there. This first try used camtasia to format the video. Windows Movie Maker is next.

    Also, David was really trying to order the Viagra for himself. (using the co-presenters insurance non-the-less)

    The headache medicine was for his wife.

    Read what you will.

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