26 Aug

Code Cast 30 – Story Teller with Jeremy Miller

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The venerable Jeremy Miller joined us to talk about YAIJMOSP (Yet Another Impressive Jeremy Miller Open Source Project). This week?s Jeremy project is Story Teller.

Jeremy?s other contributions to the community include StructureMap and an obtuse fascination with separation patterns for user interfaces.

Story Teller is an alternative for Fitnesse, implemented in .NET and chases the holy grail of executable requirements. If you are interested in how to achieve the promise of shared and executable requirements, this just might be your tool.

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6 thoughts on “Code Cast 30 – Story Teller with Jeremy Miller

  1. @Amith

    I am unable to reproduce your issue. If after trying again you are unsuccessful, drop me a line at cast at elegantcode dot com and we’ll make sure you get taken care of.

  2. What a disappointment! The sound quality is soooo bad… I really wanted to hear what Jeremy had to say (he’s one of my heroes). Alas, the quality of the sound was just too distracting. Damn shame.

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