Wrapping up the StructureMap Automocking Container

UPDATE: I apologize…the original wrapper did not allow injected dependencies.  I have fixed this bug and updated the sample.

I have been using StructureMap.AutoMocking with MSpec (Machine.Specifications) and Rhino.Mocks for a few months now. Although I am very comfortable with the patterns that emerge from using the frameworks together, introducing StructureMap.Automocking to other developers is sometimes challenging. I decided to wrap the details of the container to make the intention clearer and explanation easier. I have started using this wrapper in my projects, and have found it makes building up specifications more efficient in my daily coding.

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Database Change Management with Tarantino

Seeing as how I have not graced these pages with my presence in quite some time. I figured I better get something going. A little while back my team started working with some outside contractors and our make shift way of keeping changes in sync and under control was simply not cutting the mustard. Why […]

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Agile is not Scrum

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Most people who read this blog will not find the title of this post a revelation. I know firsthand, however, that this is not the case for many. I recently had the privilege of facilitating a Birds of a Feather session at PDC. The title of our discussion was “Agile – Triumphs, Teams, Trials, and […]

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JQuery Validator plus Element IDs, and Names

OK, just discovered an interesting implementation detail of JQuery Validator (one that I should have known about already as well). OK, if you have a form where the inputs of the for have both id and name  attributes, the name attributes trump id. So if you have this: 1: <input type=’type’ id=’RegisterUserName’ name=’userName’ /> Then […]

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Silverlight 4 Beta – Using Silverlight as Drop Target

Have you ever wanted to give the user the ability to drag a file from you desktop or file explorer onto your Silverlight application? Well, up until now you couldn’t. What’s that sound? It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s Silverlight 4 Beta.  Yes, Silverlight 4 Beta is coming to the rescue and giving […]

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Silverlight 4 Beta – Text Trimming

Before Silverlight 4 if you wanted to dynamically add ellipses (the commonly used … to show that the sentence continues), you have to invent your own implementation which usually involves creating your own control that wraps a text based control and then manipulate the text inside based on the size.  Similar to what Robby Ingebretsen […]

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Silverlight 4 Beta – Accessing a users webcam and microphone

So, by now you should have heard that Silverlight 4 Beta was released at PDC 2009. One of the most interesting and fun features included in the release is the ability for you to access a users webcam and microphone. Even a fellow ElegantCoder wrote a short post on it.  But I wanted to go […]

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