FubuMVC From Scratch – Part 4 Persistence

Previous posts in series: FubuMVC From Scratch Part 1 ? Basic project structure setup FubuMVC From Scratch Part 2 ? FubuMVC configuration and Controller setup FubuMVC From Scratch ? Part 3 (Adding View to project) Persistence is a requirement in virtually every application that we write today, and now the time has come for us […]

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Setting up a FubuMVC Project from Scratch

I am going to start a series of articles on using FubuMVC for web projects. I have several reason for writing these, one of which is FubuMVC has a lack of documentation right now, so these articles will help out that cause. Also I am starting to do mostly web work, and want to do […]

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ASP.Net HierarchicalDataSource<T>

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The Asp.net 2.0 tree control, as well as many 3rd party controls binds to hierarchical data via an IHierarchicalDataSource interface. Asp.net provides an implementation OOTB with the HierarchicalDataSourceControl! Easy, let?s hook that up to our? wait this control only takes data in xml format or from a sitemap? Hmm, we don?t want to convert our […]

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WCSF Validation Tweaks

We recently implemented the Validation Bundle from P&P. The Bundle consists of the VAB PropertyProxyValidator from EntLib, as well as a custom ASP.NET AJAX control extender which provides the client callback support. For the most part the Bundle rocks, but there are a few things which didn’t meet our needs: The default PropertyProxyValidator inherits from […]

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Code Camp Server Project

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I want to plug an ongoing open source project going on over at CodePlex, Code Camp Server. First of all, this is cool because it is being designed and managed as well as any software project can be. I have looked throught the code and it looks very clean. I wish all the code I […]

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MVC at Boise NetDug Tomorrow Night

Anyone in the Boise area can come out and get a taste of the new ASP.Net MVC framework from Microsoft. I will be doing an hour or so on the MVC framework at the local .Net users group. Following the MVC talk, Martin Danner will be doing an hour or so on the fresh new […]

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