Code Cast 19 – Peter Provost on Agile, Visual Studio 2010, and Architecture Tools

Peter Provost is Program Manager for Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition. He visited with us recently on the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010 and the the architecture tools it introduces. Although UML is part of the story, this isn?t your grandmother?s modeling story. Peter?s Agile approach to architecture is clear in the tooling […]

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Code Cast 18 – Chris Tavares on EntLib, Unity, and More

Odds are you have used code Chris Tavares had a hand in delivering. Chris is the lead developer on Enterprise Library within Microsoft P&P and he had everything to do with shipping Unity, the IoC container. Chris was good enough to talk to Jarod Ferguson, Scott Nichols, and me about Unity, P&P, and Enterprise Library. […]

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Code Cast 16 – Glenn Block on ALT.NET at Microsoft

Download the MP3 On this episode of the Elegant Code Cast, Glenn Block tells us about life inside Microsoft for the ALT.NET crowd. Glenn has been with Microsoft for several years and has worked in several departments during that time, trying to bring the ideals of ALT.NET to the company. His experiences in MS Learning, […]

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Code Cast 14 – Jared Richardson

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In this episode of the Elegant Code Cast, Jared Richardson visited with David and Chris. Jared is the author of Ship It! and a frequent speaker on the Java No Fluff Just Stuff tour. Jared shares some stories earned through working with large and small organizations adopting Agile, and his own advice for individuals wanting […]

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Code Cast 13 – Microsoft Patterns and Practices

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Chris and David were lucky enough to sit down (okay, it was a conference call) with Grigori Melnik and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy from Microsoft?s Patterns and Practices. Grigori and Ajoy covered a wide range of topics including Agile development practices within P&P, what P&P has to offer the community, and forthcoming products from the team. Show […]

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Code Cast 12 – Alan Shalloway on Lean

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Alan Shalloway, president of NetObjectives and co-author of “Design Patterns Explained” talks to us about Lean Softweare Development, Software Design Patterns, and the evolving discussion around Agile. This was a great discussion at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto. Download the episode MP3

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