Code Cast 13 – Microsoft Patterns and Practices

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Chris and David were lucky enough to sit down (okay, it was a conference call) with Grigori Melnik and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy from Microsoft?s Patterns and Practices. Grigori and Ajoy covered a wide range of topics including Agile development practices within P&P, what P&P has to offer the community, and forthcoming products from the team. Show […]

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What is Elegant Code to me?

This question keeps popping up around here (“around here” being the loose conglomeration that makes up the Elegant Code group).  It isn’t easy to describe.  And really, the notion of what constitutes elegance in code changes over time.  There is no static “this is good code” test, and I doubt there ever will be.  Plus, […]

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Code Cast 5 – Matt Milner

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This week’s Elegant Code Cast is an interview with Matt Milner of PluralSight and MSDN Magazine. Matt is an amazing presenter and fount of knowledge on WCF, WF, and BizTalk. He drops some great knowledge on these subjects and enterprise SOA, along with some discussion of Oslo, Microsoft’s new Model Driven initiative. PluralSight Matt’s Blog […]

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Microsoft releases Unity, an IoC library

Here is a bit of interesting news out of Microsoft.  They have released their first IoC container named Unity.  It is out on CodePlex now: If you are looking for a similar product with a longer lineage, you could look up: StructureMap, Spring.Net, and Castle Windsor.  StructureMap is maintained by Jeremy Miller, who is […]

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WCSF Validation Tweaks

We recently implemented the Validation Bundle from P&P. The Bundle consists of the VAB PropertyProxyValidator from EntLib, as well as a custom ASP.NET AJAX control extender which provides the client callback support. For the most part the Bundle rocks, but there are a few things which didn’t meet our needs: The default PropertyProxyValidator inherits from […]

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MVC at Boise NetDug Tomorrow Night

Anyone in the Boise area can come out and get a taste of the new ASP.Net MVC framework from Microsoft. I will be doing an hour or so on the MVC framework at the local .Net users group. Following the MVC talk, Martin Danner will be doing an hour or so on the fresh new […]

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Mocking the Model in ASP.Net MVC

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The promise of the new ASP.Net MVC framework is better testability through separation of concerns. With that in mind, some folks are talking about how well that goal is realized with the new framework. One thing that makes testing a little difficult is the fact there is no dependency injection (DI) model built into the […]

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