Bring a Friend (Why Have An Elegant Code Open Spaces Session?)

Last week Scott announced a Elegant Code Open Spaces Session. But why are we doing this? Obviously when answering this question I am speaking for myself and not necessarily the rest of the Elegant Coders…although who could possibly disagree with the constructed and reasonable argument that follows!? There are basically two reasons for me to […]

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Peter works on the web!

It seems that I managed to convince another one of my dear colleagues to start blogging (if my children thaught me one thing, it’s that constant whining actually works!). Peter Eysermans, a real genius and quite popular with the ladies, has started a blog. The Internet has been an insignificant piece of network until this […]

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Viewing Your Backlog

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In many Agile development processes, there exists the idea of THE BACKLOG. This is particularly true in Scrum, the methodology that originated the idea. The recipe from Scrum is a Product Backlog which contains all the requirements or features desired in the software being created. The backlog items are organized in priority order, determined by […]

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