Book Review: Enterprise Integration Patterns

I just finished reading Enterprise Integration Patterns written by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. This book follows the same concept used by Martin Fowler and his marvelous PoEAA book, but obviously focused on integration patterns. Although the title is somewhat misleading, this book fully concentrates on message based architectures as opposed to other integration styles. […]

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Team System Videos Online!

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My wife and friends have been wondering what I’ve been doing up in my office at night and on the weekends. After several weeks (months, really) of getting this project off the ground, I am happy to finally share the result. Pluralsight On-Demand! now has the opening modules of our online course, Visual Studio Team […]

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Code Cast 29 – Open Source at Microsoft

Sam Ramji and Peter Galli of Microsoft?s Platform Strategy Group visited with us about the company?s activities in open source software. This glimpse of Microsoft?s heavy involvement in the open source community may surprise you. Sam (Senior Director of Platform Strategy) explains that the open source community within Microsoft is thriving and goes far beyond […]

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Implementing Team City for .NET Projects, Part 5: Deployments

My apologies to all those who have been waiting for the deployment scenario ? I appreciate your patience.  My approach to deployments has been a moving target ? as it is starting to firm up a bit, I thought  I would write down some thoughts. For more information on this series, please see the introductory […]

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This is Real

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Real code in a production system which will remain unnamed, as will the source. Drink it in. class Customer { public string Role; public void Save() { // lots of code here string[] roles = Roles.GetAllRoles(); foreach (string role in roles) { if (Role.ToUpper() == role.ToUpper()) { Role = role; break; } } // lots […]

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